Consolidation Report

Consolidation Report is a Power BI (addon) solution, which combines financial statements of your parent company and its subsidiaries. It helps you manage your accounting standards, tax structures, foreign currencies, compliance and reporting requirements.

Consolidation Report

Consolidation Report is a Power BI (addon) solution, which combines financial statements of your parent company and its subsidiaries. It helps you manage your accounting standards, tax structures, foreign currencies, compliance and reporting requirements.


Why you need Consolidation Report Solution

Consolidation report is a solution designed for corporate groups. Multiple companies within a group require an overall view of their financials- cash flow, profitability, assets, liabilities, and more. Our Power BI solution integrates with Dynamics 365 to provide you access to the required data across your corporate group from a common, interactive dashboard.

Improved financial visibility

Parent companies must prepare financial statements to report on the financial well-being of all of their companies. Our solution brings together financial statements from each subsidiary and combines them into a standard report.

Data accessibility and quality

If you operate your business in several countries, you need to drill down into specific data, view reports, and get better insights on the financial health of your organisation. You can automate accounting processes to minimise errors and improve data quality using our solution.

Smart tools for strong results

This tool allows you to find and share meaningful insights with hundreds of data visualisation tools that are powered by built-in AI. You can also use our tool to automate mundane work, create efficient workflows, and make data-driven decisions.

Strengthen your financial reporting

Whether you need a comprehensive view of your financials or an efficient statutory reporting for all of your companies, Consolidation Report has got you covered.

Easy data visibility

Get an insight into your scattered financial reports on a single dashboard. This will provide better data visibility as you can easily drill down on your financials.

Data accuracy

Increase your data accuracy by automating report generation while minimising errors. This will help you gain better insight into divisional & subsidiary performance of your organisation.

Data accessibility and quality

Present/view data in formats that meet your specific industry requirements and segregate data according to your group of companies or time frame. You can also explore multiple levels of reporting while keeping an eye on the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of your industry.

Strong dashboard

Get all your scattered data in one chart. For instance, get balance sheet, company wise detail, G/L wise detail in an interactive dashboard.

Powerful visualisation of Power BI

Empower your team members to discover insights hidden in your data and drive results.

360° view of your financial data

Spend more time working towards your goals by using information that you can get with a powerful dashboard.

Manage currency conversion

Consolidation Report Solution records and stores currency conversion and historical data allowing you to analyse trends to make better decisions.

Gain and loss translation

Our solution allows automatic seamless currency conversion. This allows you to assess the increase or decrease in net assets due to currency conversion.

Powerful analysis

You can use this solution to make informed decisions based on your consolidation reports. For instance, you can perform profitability analysis and cash flow analysis. This allows you to plan your finances intelligently.

AI-powered insights

This solution enables you to make better strategic decisions and recovery management decisions. AI-powered insights from Dynamics 365 make this possible.

Cortana intelligence

Our solution integrates with Dynamics 365. This allows you to leverage Dynamics 365 functionalities to track your cash flows, improve forecasts, and trends. AI-powered Cortana Intelligence does this for you.

Token Features

Solve the financial complexities of your corporate group

Benefits of Consolidation Report Solution

Your corporate group should be able to generate and report financial data without using too much manual effort at each of your business entities. With Consolidation Reporting, a single dashboard allows complete financial management and report generation for your corporate group at once.

Data accessibility

Easy accessibility of consolidated documents provides data visibility

Powerful dashboard

Generate accurate financial reports in the format that works for you within minutes.

Reduced errors and manual effort

By automating your consolidation report generation, you also reduce errors.

Get a complete overview

View the overall health of your business and how each subsidiary is impacting the parent company.

Avoid functioning in silos

Eliminate reports and data silos and multiple versions of reports existing across your corporate group.

Meet local and global tax requirements

Painlessly handle multiple tax requirements across subsidiaries – from GST to VAT, and other taxes

Token Features


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Q: What is Master Data Management (MDM)?

Master Data Management (MDM) is an add-on solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. You can use this addon to centralise, localise, and sync data across your companies to meet your business needs. 

Q: Will the solution disrupt my current business operations?

Our solution offers background synchronisation so your users will not even notice, and your workflow will not be affected.  

Q: How much time will it take for me to set up MDM?

MDM is easy to set up and use. You can quickly get MDM up and running in under __________ weeks.

Q: Is it suitable for newly acquired companies?

MDM enables newly integrated companies to get up and run quickly with the necessary data, without the need to set up the system from scratch.

Case Study

Bonhill Group plc

Enabling Bonhill Group plc to strengthen the financial reporting of its corporate group with a Power BI (addon) solution that combined the financial statements of its subsidiary companies.


Get the Consolidated Report Solution

You can freely brand and customise Consolidation Report Solution as you desire. Get in touch with our team to get started.


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