Editorial Web App

Turn your website’s compelling content into newsletters. Fire your content to prospects, customers, and subscribers within a few minutes.

Editorial Web App

Turn your website’s compelling content into newsletters. Fire your content to prospects, customers, and subscribers within a few minutes.


Why you need Editorial App

Newsletters strengthen the bonds between your business and your prospects and customers. Serving your audience relevant and interesting content ultimately leads to desired customer action. Editorial App takes out the pain of creating new newsletters every time.

Build, target, and schedule newsletters faster

Stop creating large volumes of newsletters for specific campaigns. You can now use our app to convert your web content to newsletters – within minutes.

Pull content from multiple websites

Do you operate multiple websites? If so, you can use our app to gather contents from different websites and turn these contents into newsletters quickly and easily.

Carve your marketing strategies with Dynamics 365

Our app is integrated with Dynamics 365 marketing module. So, you can benefit from Dynamics 365’s capabilities such as creating customer journeys, segmenting the audience, automating communications, and gaining insights from your campaign data.

Accelerate your email marketing

Easily customisable

With our app, you can create customisable and responsive newsletters within minutes. You now have the power to bond with your prospects and customers effortlessly.

'Drag-and-drop' interface

To create a new newsletter, you can use our app’s drag-and-drop feature. You can give a new identity to your newsletter by simply changing the colour.

Time-efficient templates

We created Editorial App to save your time and effort. Since our app creates newsletters within minutes, you can devote your time to areas that require your attention.

Seamless access to web content

Our app can simply pull texts, images or videos from your website and turn them into a newsletter. You don’t need to spend time creating content or designing a newsletter from scratch.

Multi-web support

With Editorial App, you can create newsletters by accessing content from multiple websites as well. Moreover, this will add variety to the newsletter content.

Faster bulk-email processing

Editorial App can rapidly create fresh newsletters. This means your marketing team can work faster and much more efficiently.

Rich customer experiences

Since our app is integrated to Dynamics 365 Marketing module, you can send highly targeted newsletters to your audience. This helps to build richer customer experiences.

Complete performance insights

Performance matters. Since Editorial App is integrated to Dynamics 365, you can gain detailed and meaningful insights into your email campaigns such as open rates, bounce rates, conversions, and ad clicks. You can simply use this insight for future campaigns.

Easy scheduling

With Editorial App, you can schedule your emails. Simply use your insights and schedule your newsletters so that it reaches your prospects at the right time.

Token Features

Built for efficient newsletter marketing

Benefits of Editorial App

Your marketing team needs to focus on building relationships and improving your prospects’ and customers’ experiences. Editorial App frees your marketing team’s time to do so.

Create newsletters from website content

Use your curated web content and turn it into powerful newsletters to deliver real value to prospects and customers. Content can be in any format – text, images, or video.

Automate newsletter deliveries

With Editorial App you can not only control the newsletter content, but also the timing. Simply schedule your newsletters and even the follow-ups.

Design emails faster

Editorial App comes with quick newsletter templates so that you do not need to design a newsletter for every campaign. This saves you time and cost.

Build powerful customer journeys

Initiate and retain communications with prospects and customers to improve relationships, build influences, and capitalise on sales opportunities.

Measure performance

Use the collective power of Editorial App and Dynamics 365 to gain advanced insights into your marketing campaigns. Then, use it in future campaigns.

Token Features



Q: What is Editorial App?

Editorial App is a web solution which allows you to quickly create marketing emails from your website contentWith a simple drag-and-drop feature, you can easily design emails from templates and speed up your email campaigns. 

Q: Do I need designing emails to create newsletters?

The app is easy to use and doesn’t require you to have any design skills. You can simply use provided blocks to design awesome newsletters.

Q: How can my organisation benefit from this app?

Using Editorial app, your marketing team will be able to create emails, schedule delivery, and segment audiences. All your data is connected seamlessly with the Dynamics 365 system, so your email marketing campaigns are much more effective, organised, and consistent.

Q: Will it work if I have more than one website for my business?

Editorial App lets you handle multiple websites with ease. You can choose your desired websitepull content from it, and quickly create email campaigns specific to that website. 

Case Study

Bonhill Group plc

Enabling Bonhill Plc to accelerate its email marketing with a web-app that helps create professional newsletters quickly.

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