SiriusOctopus365: Master Data Management Tool

One-stop intuitive solution for your Master Data Management integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

SiriusOctopus365: Master Data Management Tool

One-stop intuitive solution for your Master Data Management integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.


Why Master Data Management Software

Often, multiple companies within a corporate group do not share their data with each other. This results in unnecessary effort to maintain their databases. SiriusOctopus365 enables companies to access the required data from a consolidated, shared platform. It empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions, increase operational efficiency and improve customer satisfaction. All you need is a single step configuration of this solution with Dynamics 365 Business Central to share data across your corporate group.

Easy and Assisted Set-up for newly acquired Company

The easy and assisted set-up ensures easy onboarding of your newly acquired Company. A wizard set-up helps you with the set-up of the solution and allows easy configuration in just a few clicks.

Easy filtering of data

With SiriusOctopus365, you can easily filter your data as per your requirements. Get data level filtering & synchronisation across multiple entities, the latest set of data, and scenarios-based data based on your configuration.

Sync data seamlessly with Templates

Get industry-specific templates according to your organisation needs. Easily create a template of common data, create streams, and sync data seamlessly.

Single setup for your group of companies

If you have multiple data configurations within your corporate group, you need to pay attention to each of these configurations constantly. To avoid this, your corporate group needs a single data management setup to ensure collaborative efficiency. SiriusOctopus365 can do this for you.  

Seamless data sharing and retrieval

You no longer need to wait hours to get the data you need from your associated companies. Just decide on which data you need and retrieve it in less than 5 minutes!

Easy and instant access to the latest data

A high-performing, updatable database means you don’t have to look elsewhere for the latest information. With SiriusOctopus365, you will always get the latest data – avoiding duplications.

Manage data efficiently with SiriusOctopus365

If you are looking for swift data sharing or just want a one-time data setup for your corporate group, you can use our SiriusOctopus365 solution.

Data management & transformation

Get a 360° view of your data ecosystem and seamlessly manage data across subsidiary companies within your corporate group. SiriusOctopus365 handles cross-country transformations such as date, time, and currency to ensure data relevancy.

Real-time data synchronisation

Enable real-time data synchronisation without bothering your system users. Get meaningful insights through better reporting.

Data tracking & log creation

Track what data was retrieved by which company. Maintain data transparency within the group by sharing data requests and retrievals log records.

Easy one-time configuration

The solution is easy to set up and use, meaning you can get up and running quickly without disrupting your existing workflows.

Access and sync data on request

Share and retrieve required data across subsidiary companies upon request bypassing formal processes.

Easy integration with newly acquired companies

Quickly enable newer companies to set up their database and give them access to corporate group data.

Token Features

Built for efficient data management

Benefits of SiriusOctopus365 (Master Data Management System)

Each member of your corporate group or departments within your company should be able to share and retrieve data from each other’s database. SiriusOctopus365 makes it possible. That too with a single setup.

Avoid functioning in silos

Eliminate data silos and multiple versions of data existing across different departments or businesses within a corporate group.

Improve operational efficiency

Minimise data errors and maintenance costs by sharing data with each entity within your corporate group.

Increase collaboration between your entities

By sharing data, you will be empowering teams within your corporate group to work towards their goals smartly.

Optimise your resources

Utilise resources efficiently by automating and streamlining essential data processes.

Reduce risks and discrepancies

Minimise risks that may arise if you do not know which elements of your data you can trust. Decrease regulatory compliance risks – such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Focus on your goals

SiriusOctopus365 helps you unclutter your mind while giving you the power to access the latest data from your corporate group’s common database. You can use this power to work on achieving your end goal.

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Q: What is SiriusOctopus365 ?

SiriusOctopus365 is an add-on solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. You can use this addon to centralise, localise, and sync data across your companies to meet your business needs.

Q: Will the solution disrupt my current business operations?

Our solution offers background synchronisation so your users will not even notice, and your workflow will not be affected.

Q: How much time will it take for me to set up SiriusOctopus365 ?

SiriusOctopus365 is easy to set up and use. You can quickly get it configured in an hour or two. 

Q: Is it suitable for newly acquired companies?

SiriusOctopus365 enables newly integrated companies to get up and run quickly with the necessary data, without the need to set up the system from scratch.


Case Study

Bonhill Group plc

Enabling Bonhill Group plc to maintain, share, & retrieve accurate data – companies, customers, vendors, chart of accounts, and more – across its corporate group.


Get SiriusOctopus365

Empower data transparency through SiriusOctopus365. Our pricing is transparent and costs just £10 per legal entity. Get in touch with our team today to get started.


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