Enabling Bonhill Plc to gain complete insight into their event attendees and increase the impact of their events.


Enabling Bonhill Plc to gain complete insight into its event attendees and increase the impact of its events.




Bonhill Group plc is a leading B2B media company providing business information, live events and data & insight propositions to international Technology, Financial Services, and Diversity Business Communities. It strives for excellence in everything it does and takes pride in being entrepreneurial, creative, and thrives on generating new innovative solutions.


  • Bonhill was looking for a platform that could provide a 360-degree view of its event attendees, sponsors, guests, speakers and more. 
  • Bonhill had the challenge of managing many events and wanted a solution to manage its events effectively and better engage with its audience. 
  • The solution offered by Dogma Group provided multiple benefits in terms of being able to easily use the app to help attendees learn, network, and engage 
  • Users could find all the information they need like attendees, agenda, speakers, awards, sponsors, chat options, QR code tickets and more about the event on their mobile device. 
  • Bonhill selected Dogma Group as its partner for the project. We understood its critical business issues and could implement the right solution and within its timeframe. This meant it did not have to look for multiple partners for specific solutions. 
  • Dogma Group scoped Bonhill’s requirements and identified a ‘best-fit’ solution that worked seamlessly with its CRM implementation and mitigated the need for any third-party solution. 
  • We developed a mobile app which was integrated to Dynamics 365 Marketing. Bonhill could take advantage of Dynamic’s marketing capabilities. 
  • With Attendee AppBonhill was able to gain complete intelligence on its attendees, their activities, and their responses. 


  • Dogma Group developed the ‘Event Attendee App to perfectly fit Bonhill’s requirements. The app increased their attendee engagement before, during, and even after the event. 
  • Attendee App could be developed quickly and cost-effectively. So, it ensured Bonhill did not have to worry about any future costs or issues. 
  • Attendee App allowed Bonhill to send complete information about the events to its attendees including date, time, venue, speakers etc. So, Bonhill did not have to invest in multiple tools to manage their events. 
  • Bonhill no longer needed to email event location manually as Google Maps is integrated with the app. This helped make sure its attendees got to the events without hassle. 
  • The App provided the event sponsors excellent visibility. Our app helped the sponsors of the event stand out by allowing Bonhill to highlight event sponsors and award ceremonies.  
  • Bonhill could brand and customise the app as desired with extensive customising options available within our solution. This helped them align the look and feel of their app to the theme of their event. 
  • Since the app created virtual QR-coded tickets, there was no longer the need to print and mail tickets to confirmed attendees. Also, the attendees did not need to bring printed tickets to the events. 
  • Bonhill was able to increase in-event engagement by helping the attendees socialise and network. Event participants could use this app to chat with each other. The communication was secure as participants could easily set their privacy options. 
  • Attendee App is integrated to Dynamics 365 Marketing. With Dynamics 365, Bonhill’s marketing teams were able to send targeted email campaigns, notices, and follow-up emails to attendees, speakers, and sponsors.  
  • Bonhill was able to segment its attendees based on their preferences, behaviors, or actions to increase campaign efficiency. Plus, by combining the attendee and marketing data together, Bonhill was able to unlock immense sales opportunities. This also helped strengthen its relationships with the attendees beyond the events. 

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