Enabling Bonhill Group plc to track and update sales orders on-the-go, meet customer needs, update product quantity, and invoice dates from the app into the ERP.


Enabling Bonhill Group plc to track and update sales orders on-the-go, meet customer needs, update product quantity, and invoice dates from the app into the ERP.




Bonhill Group plc is a leading B2B media company providing business information, live events and data & insight propositions to international Technology, Financial Services, and Diversity Business Communities. It strives for excellence in everything it does and takes pride in being entrepreneurial, creative, and thrives on generating new innovative solutions.


  • Investment News, a part of Bonhill Group is a leading source for news, analysis, and information essential to the financial advisory community. The company deals with numerous ads and ad insertion orders and must keep track of the ad slots.   
  • The company’s sales department was initially working in silos and often had an unmatched view of its customers, advertisers, & subscribers.  
  • Bonhill was looking for a solution which would streamline its ad operations, giving its sales managers the flexibility to focus on winning more deals.
  • Bonhill needed a mobile app that would not only help the managers take care of customer orders, invoices, ad slots, and much more, but also blend with its existing business implementations. Investing in an independent mobile application would incur additional costs.
  • Dogma Group presented Bonhill with a best-fit solution to automate ad operations and streamline billing processes. We created the ‘Budget App’ that helped employees of Investment news update, track, and sort sales data faster. The mobile app integrated seamlessly with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 system, which meant their data was organised effortlessly.
  • Bonhill selected Dogma Group as its partner on the project because of its clear understanding of Bonhill’s unique issues and the ability to provide a solution that supported its business. We developed custom applications that perfectly fit Bonhill’s requirements, thus, ensuring good user engagement and adoption. 


  • The app allowed Bonhill’s sales representative located anywhere on the field to automatically update the product quantity, invoice, and milestone dates from their mobile device into the ERP – in real-time.  
  • This solution allowed Bonhill’s managers to monitor all aspects of sales from selling insertion orders to advertisers and subscriptions details.   
  • The sales team and ad managers could easily track, sort, and update sales orders that allowed them to make better decisions. Hence, Bonhilll was able to empower its sales team to forecast ad impressions and ad revenue better.  
  • Salespersons were successful in meeting their targets as they were able to analyse historical data of sales orders and billing to forecast crucial trends.   
  • The company was able to optimise ad order handling and inventory control as it could easily handle sales insertion orders and invoices of their customers.  
  • The Budget app was simple to use, and with our proper training and support, Bonhill increased its user-adoption.
  • Adoption of this app also meant paperless work as all sales processes were digitised and data synced effortlessly into the ERP.  
  • Moreover, Bonhill was also able to save Dynamics 365 Business Central license costs as its salespersons could easily update data on ERP with this app free of charge.

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