Enabling Bonhill Group plc to go digital for its events with a simplified ticketing and registration process.


Enabling Bonhill Plc to go digital for its events with a simplified ticketing and registration process.




Bonhill Group plc is a leading B2B media company providing business information, live events and data & insight propositions to international Technology, Financial Services, and Diversity Business Communities. It strives for excellence in everything it does and takes pride in being entrepreneurial, creative, and thrives on generating new innovative solutions.


  • Bonhill was using third-party applications to record registrations for its events. By using such disparate applications, it was unable to centralise data and automate its event registration.
  • Bonhill had to design and print tickets for the events and manually mail it to the registrants. The process was traditional and outdated. The company was looking for a solution that would save its teams the trouble of printing the tickets. It was also a hassle for event attendees as they had to take their tickets along with them.
  • Such printed tickets needed to be verified at the event counters. So, the event organisers had to guard the check-in booths and check each ticket manually.
  • If an attendee was not on the list, the organisers had to add them and issue a ticket for them at the location.
  • Event organisers had to manually confirm the list of attendees, enter their data into the system, and see who were yet to arrive. This took a lot of time and effort as they had to capture and enter data individually.
  • Since data was not centralised, Bonhill had to organise its event data across multiple tools, documents, and spreadsheets. Plus, it did not know how to use their event data to its advantage.
  • Bonhill selected Dogma Group as its partner for the project. We understood its critical business issues and could implement the right solution and within its timeframe. This meant it did not have to look for multiple partners for specific solutions.
  • Dogma Group scoped Bonhill’s requirements and developed ‘Event Registration App’ that helped Bonhill easily create registration forms, manage attendee details, and generate scannable QR-code tickets for their events.


  • Using our Event Registration App, Bonhill’s event management team could easily track event check-ins to know who is in and who is yet to arrive in the event. The app instantly and automatically updated the information.
  • The company could view the complete list of attendees along with their personal details, event preferences, and other event-specific information. They no longer needed to manually verify each registrant detail. Our app did it for them.
  • The team did not have to supervise the check-in process at the counters. Since the app generated digital tickets for all attendees, they could simply scan the QR code and get into the event.
  • Event organisers were able to get insight into attendee’s activities. The app let them understand who attended, who missed out, who checked-in late, and more. If a participant is unregistered, they could generate tickets for them at the event.
  • The Event Registration App is integrated to Dynamics 365 Marketing. So, Bonhill was able to capture registrant data and schedule automatic email invitations, send reminders, and even get feedback using Dynamics 365. This meant that the company no longer needed to create specific emails to each registrant.
  • Since the app pushes registrant data effortlessly to Dynamics 365, Bonhill centralised its event data. With Dynamics 365’s immense capabilities, it was able to use that data in ways that helped the company strengthen attendee relationships and create new business opportunities.

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