Enabling Nucleus Financials to simplify its internal conflict management and help handle employee issues from their origin until they are solved.


Enabling Nucleus Financial Services to simplify its internal conflict management and help handle employee issues from their origin until they are solved.




Nucleus Financial Services is an award-winning online wrap platform, launched in 2006 by a group of seven financial adviser firms who set out to create a platform with a difference. It provides a fully independent wrap platform with access to a wide range of tax wrappers and an open architecture approach to investments. The platform allows companies to combine all their clients’ assets into a single, manageable online account.


  • The legal department is a crucial part of Nucleus Financial Services. The department handles numerous legal queries and issues from its employees within the organisation. To make this process faster and smoother, Nucleus wanted a platform that served both for issue submission and resolution.
  • The legal department was initially handling its employees’ legal requests through phone calls, emails or simply through verbal communication. The legal department was unable to track legal requests and was wasting time on cluttered files and manual follow-ups. This often resulted in delayed response to employees’ queries.
  • The company was looking for a solution to track, record, and respond to the requests made by its employees.
  • Nucleus selected Dogma Group as its partner for the project. We understood its critical business issues and could implement the right solution and within its timeframe. This meant it did not have to look for multiple partners for specific solutions.
  • We provided Nucleus with the “Legal Matter App”, which helped the company systematise the requests made by employees to the legal department. The app also helped the legal department handle the issues raised inside the organisation from their origin until they were solved. This solution streamlined the company’s legal request management process.
  • The app has SharePoint integrated with it, so the necessary documents were hosted easily in the cloud. This allowed Nucleus’ employees to attach documents associated with their requests – ultimately making the documentation hassle-free.
  • Moreover, by connecting the right person to the right legal department, Nucleus was able to eradicate the need for manual follow-ups on submitted requests.


  • Employees could submit, track, and update their requests and upload supporting documents for their requests, on their own.
  • Legal department managed its request handing process efficiently as there was no longer the need for manual filtering. The SharePoint Integration to the app made it easy for workers in the legal team to search documents, verify data, and resolve the requests on time.
  • Communication between the legal department and other departments improved as everyone in the company could easily access historical data of submitted, pending, and resolved requests.
  • The solution comes with a powerful resolution dashboard. With specific details of the request visible to the concerned department, the organisation was successful in addressing issues in a more organised way.
  • The issue handlers were able to rank the urgency and priority of the request submitted. This made it easy for Nucleus to prioritise the legal queries depending on the urgency score provided.
  • Nucleus was able to speed up the request resolution process and increase its employee satisfaction ratings. This ultimately improved its employee retention rate.
  • With the collective power of Dynamics 365 and Legal Matter App, Nucleus could gain insight into the issues their employees are facing.
  • Since request data is pushed effortlessly from the app to Dynamics 365, Nucleus was able to its centralise its data. It then used this data to tackle and even prevent common issues beforehand.

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