Enabling Toyota Tsusho Metals to make its meetings productive by setting meeting agendas, taking & sharing notes, and assigning tasks, all from a single app.


Enabling Toyota Tsusho Metals to make its meetings productive by setting meeting agendas, taking & sharing notes, and assigning tasks, all from a single app.




Toyota Tsusho Metals Ltd. specialises in futures and options trading in the non-ferrous metals market and precious metal market. It is an Associate Broker Clearing Member (Category 2) of the London Metal Exchange and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Its involvement on the Exchange spans two decades, during which time Toyota Tsusho Metals Ltd. has provided a tailored service catering for the ever-increasing needs of its international clientele.

It provides customers with a variety of services for The London Metal Exchange non-ferrous metals and precious metals loco London and loco Zurich.


  • Toyota Tsusho Metals was looking for a solution to automatically send its clients the meeting notes and minutes after the meeting is over. Traditionally, the company had been manually emailing its clients the documents and notes associated with the meetings.
  • The company wanted a solution that would easily synchronise with its team members’ calendars in Outlook and Teams. This ensured their calendar always had up-to-the-minute information on important meetings and appointments.
  • Often, its employees would forget sending these vital details to clients in time or entirely. Toyota Tsusho Metals wanted a solution that would do it for them immediately after the meeting ends.
  • Dogma Group offered the solution in the form of an app that would let its employees organise their meetings and keep them productive. They could synchronise their work calendar, create meetings, and take notes. At the end of the meeting, the app automatically sent these notes to the clients through email.
  • Meeting App also helped the employees keep their meetings short and effective. The app had a countdown timer which let them know of the meeting duration.
  • Meeting organisers could also easily assign tasks with a built-in task management feature. They could set due dates and follow-ups for certain tasks.
  • Toyota Tsusho Metals wanted to improve the meeting experiences for clients, staffs, and attendees. The company needed a solution that could pull the client data such as past interactions, relationships, and key touchpoints from Dynamics 365.


  • Toyota Tsusho Metals used the Meeting App to create better meeting experiences for the clients, staffs, and attendees. Since the app connects seamlessly with their calendars, the company was able to ensure the employees never missed important meetings.
  • Its employees could view all their meeting agendas, minutes, notes, and attendees in a simple, easily digestible interface. They no longer needed to use multiple apps or software to organise their meetings.
  • Microsoft OneNote is accessible from within the app. With OneNote, meeting attendees were able to log important meeting note and turn into formal minutes. The app automatically delivered clients or attendees via email. This solved the problem of their staff having to send meeting details to clients manually.
  • With Microsoft Whiteboard, employees could sketch and brainstorm important ideas during their meetings. This helped cultivate and visualise important ideas during client meetings.
  • We integrated Office 365 Planner with the app. This helped the company manage smaller projects from within the app with the ability to assign tasks, set due dates, and schedule follow-ups. Attendees were able to keep the tasks at hand on track and ensure a smooth workflow.
  • We analysed Toyota Tsusho Metals’ existing Dynamics 365 system and integrated the Meeting App to it. The app pulled data on sales, opportunities, and number of support cases associated to a client during their meetings.
  • Employees were able to see their earlier interactions and activities with the clients in the meetings Dashboard. This helped them better understand their relationships and make their meetings fruitful with the required actions.

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