Enabling Bonhill Group plc to simplify its event registration process and capture event registrant details, their preferences, and payments directly from Bonhill’s website.


Enabling Bonhill Group plc to simplify its event registration process and capture event registrant details, their preferences, and payments directly from Bonhill’s websites.




Bonhill Group plc is a leading B2B media company providing business information, live events and data & insight propositions to international Technology, Financial Services, and Diversity Business Communities. It strives for excellence in everything it does and takes pride in being entrepreneurial, creative, and thrives on generating new innovative solutions.


  • Bonhill was using multiple third-party applications to manage its events. By using such disparate applications, it was unable to centralise data and automate its event management.
  • The company had to manually set up registration pages for each event. Plus, it also had to create different pages each time to capture event-specific details from registrants.
  • Since these tools were not connected to Bonhill’s CRM system (Dynamics 365), it could not fully utilise the potential of the Marketing module, which is already a powerful tool for event management.
  • By using third-party software for collecting payments, Bonhill had a tough time tracking the payment invoices and other details. It had to manually enter information about the received payments into the ERP system (Dynamics 365 Business Central).
  • Bonhill operates multiple websites within its corporate group. Its team had to handle each website separately and the process was often burdensome and confusing.
  • Since the company was using multiple random software for capturing registrant details, preferences, and payments, the registration process would differ every now and then. Bonhill was unable to provide registrants with a smooth and consistent user experience.
  • Bonhill could not provide flexible payment options to their registrants. Payment options were limited to those provided by the third-party platforms.
  • To solve this problem, Dogma Group assessed its current CRM and ERP implementations. Our team built a solution that was unique and first-of-its-kind. We built the Online Events Module, a website plugin, that would automatically pull event details from Dynamics 365 to create registration pages on Bonhill’s websites. Then, it captured and pushed the registrant details from the website to Dynamics 365. Also, it sent the payment statements straight into Dynamics 365 Business Central. The solution automated the event registration process.


  • Bonhill installed the Online Events Module plugin on its websites. The plugin is connected to its CRM and ERP system. This meant that its team could now easily create event registration pages from Dynamics 365, as the plugin pulled all the fields entered in Dynamics 365 and mapped them to create a page on the website.
  • Bonhill’s Dynamics 365 became the powerhouse for event management. From collecting registrant details to preferences and payments, it could set up and track everything from Dynamics 365. This eliminated the need for Bonhill to invest in multiple third-party applications.
  • Its teams could simply use Dynamics 365 to define what data they want to capture from the website. Then, the tool automatically converted these fields into a webpage. They could simply change these templates to capture event-specific data and attendee preferences later without having to start from the scratch. They could also replicate these templates across their websites.
  • The company was able to centralise its event data. By using Dynamics 365 Marketing, it could store details of the registrant as well as their feedback or requirements. It could then use this data to improve their events.
  • Bonhill was able to diversify the payment options for its events in a flexible and secure way. Various payment systems were integrated into the solution out-of-the-box. Bonhill could also customise the payment options as per the necessity.
  • Since the registration process was handled right from the company’s website, users felt much more comfortable sharing their payment information. This usually is not true with third-party applications.
  • After registrants made the payments, their payment invoices were pushed directly to Dynamics 365 Business Central. So, Bonhill was able to receive and track payments for the events without hassle.

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