Enabling Victim Support Scotland (VSS) to process a huge number of referrals without the necessity of dealing with manual documents and the hassle, risks, and errors that come with it.


Enabling Victim Support Scotland (VSS) to process a vast number of referrals without the necessity of dealing with manual documents and the hassle, risks, and errors that come with it.




Victim Support Scotland is leading charity organisation dedicated to helping people affected by crime across Scotland. It provides support and information services to victims and witnesses of crime in Scotland 

It supports 200,000 people affected by crime each year. This support is provided by staff and volunteers in national and local offices and court-based services across Scotland.  

VSS currently has a volunteer workforce of 700 and 150 members of staff and works with several referral organisations such as Police Scotland and the Scottish Courts to increase the availability of support services. 


  • VSS works with several referral organisations such as Police Scotland and the Scottish Courts. The organisation receives hundreds of referrals from such organisations daily. Often, its staff need to process an overwhelming number of referrals each day.
  • VSS was reviewing its manual processes and realised the inefficiency, and not to mention, the errors appearing from such manual referral processing.
  • The staff had to compile hundreds of documents. They carefully matched the details of each referral with the existing contacts in their system. Then, they addressed any discrepancies and entered updated data in their system.
  • Not only was this process taking a chunk of their staff’s time, but it also often resulted in duplicated or erroneous data in CRM (Dynamics 365), which required further mitigations.
  • Dogma Group proposed a solution that would automate this process for VSS. Referral App read the data from the documents and automatically matched with their existing records. Then, it sent the updated data into the system. All with little supervision from the staff.
  • With the Referral App, the staff could load the referrals, whether in Word, Excel, or PDF, directly from the app, and the app did the rest for them. It identified each field in the document (name, contact, address) and pulled the associated data into the app.
  • The staff could have a final review and simply send the data, which would then update the data in Dynamics 365 well.


  • VSS was able to automate its referral processing. This reduced manual work for its staff as the Referral App automatically read the data from the documents, validated it with their CRM data, and updated it.  
  • The app helped the staff significantly reduce the errors and discrepancies in their data. The app uses extraction and validation technique to capture and populate data accuratelyThis resulted in clean, error-free data. 
  • The staff no longer needed to read through hundreds of referrals. The app supports Sharepoint integration – so the files (Word, Excel, PDFs, and more) are hosted in the cloud. The app allowed the staff to view documents from within the app and perform a sanity-check on the data before passing it through. This ensured accurate data was pushed to the system. 
  • The staff could also create new contacts in Dynamics 365 from the app if a contact from referrals didn’t already exist in their system. They could then match the referral data with the new contact. 
  • Using Referral App’s search and lookup capabilities, the staff were able to get better visibility on their case data. 
  • Often, the team would be spending a lot of time handling the heavy, tedious CRM system. With Referral App, they were able to avoid that and easily operate from a simple, easy-to-use interface. 
  • With the app integrated to Dynamics 365, VSS was able to reduce its licensing costs for Dynamics 365. It simply no longer needed to purchase additional licenses for referral processing. 

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