Enabling Bonhill Group plc to view its online event data in Dynamics 365 and utilise the data in its sales and marketing campaigns.


Enabling Bonhill Group plc to view its online event data in Dynamics 365 and utilise the data in its sales and marketing campaigns.




Bonhill Group plc is a leading B2B media company providing business information, live events and data & insight propositions to international Technology, Financial Services, and Diversity Business Communities. It strives for excellence in everything it does and takes pride in being entrepreneurial, creative, and thrives on generating new innovative solutions.


  • Investment News, a subsidiary of Bonhill Group plc, organises online events and webcasts regularly with thousands of registrations per event. The company wanted a solution that could pull all the event data from its video conferencing application (GlobalMeet) and into its CRM system (Dynamics 365). 
  • Initially, Investment News had to manually export the data from GlobalMeet and import it into Dynamics 365 since there was no direct integration between the two systems. This was a tedious process for its staff. So, it was looking for a solution that could make this data migration easier and faster.
  • The company needed to keep track of event metrics such as new events and updates, registrations, attendee details, start and end time, event duration per participant, and more in Dynamics 365.
  • GlobalMeet’s static reporting wasn’t very effective. Investment News wanted to use the advanced reporting capabilities of Dynamics 365 to measure its event performance.
  • Investment News has a large database of clients, registrants, and subscribers. The company sends plenty of email newsletters each day. It wanted to be able to target email campaigns to the event registrants, which meant the data had to be pulled into Dynamics 365 first.
  • Dogma Group scoped Bonhill’s requirements and built the ‘Webcast Integration Solution’ that captured event data from GlobalMeet and sent it to Dynamics 365 within a few minutes. Investment News then used this data to improve its webinars, webcasts, and online events.


  • Using Webcast Integration, Investment News was able to bridge the gap between its event app (GlobalMeet) and Dynamics 365. Its staff no longer needed to manually export event data from the app and enter them into Dynamics 365. Our solution captured all the event details and automatically entered them into Dynamics 365.
  • By simply providing Dogma Group with GlobalMeet’s API, Investment News was able to integrate the app with Dynamics 365’s event module. The company could now easily access past event details from its CRM.
  • Investment News was able to get faster access to event data right from its CRM system. Our solution captures and updates event details within minutes. Plus, the staff no longer needed to worry about data duplication, as the solution monitors and prevents it.
  • The company was able to utilise Dynamics 365’s reporting capabilities to better analyse its event data. By being able to see all historical event data, Investment News was able to improve the impact of its events.
  • Using Dynamics 365 Marketing, Investment News segmented its database efficiently. It was then able to send relevant marketing campaigns to its audience based on their preferences and past engagements.
  • With Dynamics 365 Marketing, Investment News built successful customer journeys. The marketing team could schedule relevant email campaigns to registrants, attendees, and prospects. The team was also able to use the registrant details in their sales and marketing campaigns.

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