Stakeholder Management

Stakeholders provide moral and financial support for the companies. So, you must manage and engage with stakeholders for sustainable relationships. Our Solution is CRM-integrated and helps you store, analyse, and use stakeholder data for improving interaction, and ultimately relationships with them.

Stakeholder Management

Stakeholders provide moral and financial support for the companies. So, you must manage and engage with stakeholders for sustainable relationships. Our Solution is CRM-integrated and helps you store, analyse, and use stakeholder data for improving interaction, and ultimately relationships with them.


Why you need Stakeholder Management Solution

Stakeholders play a crucial role at every business touchpoint. In order to improve their experiences, you need to support and engage them constantly. Our solution allows you to track and manage stakeholders’ interactions and their decisions while minimising associated risks to improve your business relationships.

Get instant access to the stakeholder relationships

You can use stakeholder data from the CRM to understand and address their needs, priorities, and concerns. The data can be updated instantly. This means even if multiple employees are communicating with the same stakeholders, you can get a ‘single source of truth’ along with the visibility of all the interactions.

See all your conversations in one place

With our solution, you can log every shareholder engagement detail in the system. You will be able to view all interactions your team has had with the stakeholder. This means even if an employee responsible for engaging with the stakeholder leaves your organisation, you still have all the interaction details.

Build better business relationships

Stakeholder sentiments are key throughout any project lifecycle. The happier the stakeholders, the better the project outcomes. By interacting with your stakeholders regularly, you can understand their needs, interests, and concerns. This, in turn, will help you build trust and stronger relationships.

Manage your stakeholders efficiently

Having a constant and meaningful interaction with your stakeholders can leave a lasting impact on your projects. It will also help you minimise project-associated risks, which is vital in ensuring long-term relationships. Stakeholder Management allows you to do both.

Centralise your stakeholders’ data

Our solution makes it easier to view and manage stakeholder data. You can simply search for a stakeholder, go to their profile, and find required details. With the ‘sentiment analysis’ feature, you can even tell when your team last spoke to a stakeholder, how the interaction went, and how the stakeholder responded.

Tracking engagement activities

You can set up specific ‘Business Process Flows’ in Dynamics 365, which help you plan engagement activities and execute them effectively. Every interaction with the stakeholder will appear as an activity on your dashboard. This will help you track interactions at each stage of your relationship.

Plan stakeholder engagements

You can plan different activities to engage with your stakeholders. Take them out for a dinner or simply set up a meeting. These simple gestures can lead to productive outcomes. Our app even allows you to set prior goals and objectives to measure the efficiency of your interactions.

Track activity and interactions

Using our application, you can log and view all the stakeholder activities such as appointments, emails, phone calls, tasks, notes, meetings, etc. These interactions appear on your ‘Timeline’ within the Dynamics 365 dashboard.

Manage risks

You may face numerous risks while managing stakeholder relationships. For example, your competitors might have already built a stronger relationship with the stakeholder or the stakeholder you are in touch with may leave the organisation. You can record and track such risks and put a plan in place to mitigate them.

Score & analyse stakeholder risks

Each risk you create or log in the system can have an impact on your project. Our solution calculates your ‘Risk Score’ automatically, depending upon the ‘likelihood’ and ‘impact’ of the risk. You can then analyse the risk urgency to tackle issues better.

Use an interactive dashboard

Our solution manages all active engagements, plans, stakeholders’ data, relationships, and associated risks in a single, interactive dashboard. You can use it to know the stakeholders and their relationships with your company at a glance.

Get reports & make decisions

Get advanced reporting on your engagement activities. Turn your data into customisable reports that your team members can easily understand so that they can take informed decisions later.

Token Features

Catapult your business with stronger stakeholder relationships

Stakeholder Management Benefits

You need to keep your stakeholders delighted to ensure long-term benefits. Our Stakeholder Management Solution helps you understand, manage, and improve your relationships with the stakeholders.

Centralised stakeholder interactions

Avoid working with stakeholder data in silos. Centralise information across multiple communication channels.

Improved communication

With accurate stakeholder information and their preferences, your Project Managers can develop better communication plans.

Time and money savings

Engaging with stakeholders early, planning relevant communications, and assessing risks in time can lead to reduced costs and effort in the long run.

Risk management

Identify potential risks associated with stakeholders before they become threats to your project or organisation.

New opportunities

Nurture and maintain existing stakeholder relationships to open doors for crucial future opportunities. Multiply your success by keeping your stakeholders happy.

Stronger decisions

Gain a better understanding of your stakeholders, respond and support them. Use the insight you gain to make strategic future plans.

Token Features



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Q: What is Stakeholder Management Solution?

‘Stakeholder Management’ is a solution for you to manage your stakeholder relationships better. It gives you the ability to record activities related to stakeholders and to track their engagement. It’s super-easy to use and with just a few clicks, you can understand, manage and engage all your stakeholders. 

Q: Will the solution disrupt my current business operations?

Our solution offers background synchronisation so your users will not even notice, and your workflow will not be affected.  

Q: How can my organisation benefit from this app?

Using the Stakeholder Management solution, you will be able to build better and long-lasting relationships with your stakeholders. You can plan timely communications with stakeholders, assess risks, and track engagements. Plus, you will always have the latest data on your stakeholders, accessible by individuals across your organisation. It’s stakeholder engagement done smarter! 

Q: Is it suitable for newly acquired companies?

MDM enables newly integrated companies to get up and run quickly with the necessary data, without the need to set up the system from scratch.

Case Study

Davies Group

Enabling Davies Group to manage its stakeholder data, assess risks, and engage stakeholders crucial to its business to build sustained relationships with them.

Get the Stakeholder Management Solution

You can fully customise the Stakeholder Management Solution to suit your industry. Get in touch with our team to get started.


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