Enabling Davies Group to manage its stakeholder data, assess risks, and engage stakeholders crucial to its business to build sustained relationships with them.


Enabling Davies Group to manage its stakeholder data, assess risks, and engage stakeholders crucial to its business to build sustained relationships with them.




Davies Group is a multi-award-winning operations management, consulting, and digital solutions provider to organisations in highly regulated markets (including insurance, financial services, utilities, communications, and to regulatory bodies) and to global businesses.

Its core service lines include: Claims solutions, Insurance services, and Consulting & Technology (incorporating the specialty consultancy, Ember, and SaaS platforms; ServiceTick & Veriphy).

It has a 2,000-strong team of professionals across the UK, Ireland, Bermuda, the US, and Canada. Beyond the core team, Davies operates a network of specialist consultants that are deployed within clients’ own operations, to execute regulatory and transformation projects.


  • Stakeholders play a crucial role at every business touchpoint. Davies Group wanted to improve its stakeholders’ experiences and solidify relationships with them.
  • With its current Dynamics 365 implementation, Davies Group was limited to assigning one ‘Job Title’ per stakeholder. This meant that the data was often prone to errors when multiple employees interacted with the same stakeholder.
  • With the current implementation, data was scattered across the system and often vulnerable to duplications. Davies Group wanted a solution to manage all its stakeholder data, conversations, and activities in one place.
  • The employees wanted to be able to plan relevant forms of engagement with stakeholders at the right time. To be able to do this, they needed a complete insight into the stakeholders and their interactions with Davies Group.
  • Davies Group needed to assess and manage risks in time to ensure sustainable stakeholder relationships. Whether it is managing data of a consultant who works for multiple companies or minimising the risk of being alienated with the stakeholder if one person leaves the business, the company had to address such scenarios beforehand. It needed a system which would avoid such risks endangering wider opportunities.
  • Davies Group’s employees needed to stay up-to-speed with the change in stakeholder data, interactions, or responses. With a system that would alert them of this change, it was much easier to keep track of the whereabouts of their stakeholders.
  • Davies Group approached Dogma Group for the project. We developed the ‘Stakeholder Management Solution’ keeping in mind the company’s requirements. With this solution, the company was able to win the loyalty of stakeholders while providing them with the best possible experience.


  • Dogma Group helped Davies Group mitigate the limitations of their CRM with the ‘Stakeholder Management Solution’. By setting up a specific course of actions in Dynamics 365, the company could facilitate multiple modes of engagement with a stakeholder. This ultimately helped them build corporate trust and get better returns from their projects.
  • Davies Group was able to use the stakeholder data from the CRM to understand and address their needs, priorities, and concerns.
  • The company was able to gain visibility into all its interactions (emails, phone calls, tasks, notes, etc.) with the stakeholder in a common dashboard. This helped the company get a ‘single source of truth’ even if multiple employees had communicated with the same stakeholders.
  • With the ability to set up specific ‘Business Process Flows’ in Dynamics 365, Davies Group was able to plan engagement activities and execute them effectively. For example, if employees needed to make an appointment with the stakeholder or simply take the stakeholder out for dinner, they could easily put a plan in place. Moreover, such confident gestures helped improve the project outcomes in the long run.
  • Davies Group often faces numerous risks while managing stakeholder relationships. With our solution’s risk management capabilities, the company was able to record and track such risks and put a plan in place to mitigate them.
  • Our solution calculates the ‘Risk Score’ automatically, depending upon the ‘likelihood’ and ‘impact’ of the risk. With this ability, Davies Group analysed the risk urgency to tackle issues better.
  • Stakeholder Management Solution uses Dynamics 365’s reporting capabilities. So, the company gained advanced insights into its engagement activities. Reports are customisable and easy to understand, so the employees were able to make informed decisions.

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