CASE STUDY- SiriusOctopus365

Enabling Bonhill Group plc to maintain, share, & retrieve accurate data – companies, customers, vendors, chart of accounts, and more – across its corporate group.

CASE STUDY- SiriusOctopus365

Enabling Bonhill Group plc to maintain, share, & retrieve accurate data – companies, customers, vendors, chart of accounts, and more – across its corporate group.




Bonhill Group plc is a leading B2B media company providing business information, live events and data & insight propositions to international Technology, Financial Services, and Diversity Business Communities. It strives for excellence in everything it does and takes pride in being entrepreneurial, creative, and thrives on generating new innovative solutions.


  • Bonhill Plc is a corporate group of companies spread across multiple regions. As a group, internal data sharing between companies is extremely important. Bonhill’s companies were struggling to share and retrieve important data about their customers, vendors, suppliers, products, chart of accounts, and more.
  • Departments or team members had to wait for hours to fetch the required data entities from associated companies. This process often involved frequent phone calls, emails, or request submissions.
  • Bonhill was looking for a data management solution to help its companies share and access data as and when they needed. With a data repository accessible across its companies, this would solve the problem of manual communications or follow-ups between companies.
  • Bonhill also wanted to be able to use the solution quickly and with a single setup. This would help avoid individual configurations for each company or department and even for future companies acquired by the group.
  • Bonhill selected Dogma Group as its partner for the project. We understood its critical business issues and could implement the right solution and within its timeframe. This meant it did not have to look for multiple partners for specific solutions.
  • Dogma Group scoped Bonhill’s requirements and identified a ‘best-fit’ solution that worked seamlessly with its ERP implementation and mitigated the need for any third-party solution.
  • We built the ‘SiriusOctopus365’ solution in a way that was easy to set up and use. Bonhill and its subsidiary companies could get up and running quickly without disrupting their existing workflows.


  • Bonhill’s subsidiary companies no longer needed to go through manual or formal processes to fetch the required data. With a single data management platform, each company and department had equal access to the latest data on its customers, vendors, products, and finances. That too, in as less as five minutes.
  • With this add-on solution, Bonhill was able to centralise, localise, and synchronise data across its corporate group for instant access. Instead of storing and retrieving data from multiple databases, companies could use a single platform for all their data needs.
  • ‘SiriusOctopus365’ is a single-setup solution. This meant that all companies within the group benefitted from one-time configuration instead of individual installs.
  • A high-performing, updatable database meant the teams did not have to look elsewhere for the latest information.
    SiriusOctopus365 stores up-to-the-minute data which helps avoid duplications.
  • SiriusOctopus365 synchronises data in the background without bothering the users. Bonhill’s teams could focus on their work rather than having to deal with manual updates.
  • SiriusOctopus365 helped Bonhill improve data transparency within the group. Its departments could track what data was retrieved by which company.
  • Bonhill’s companies run across multiple timezones and regions. SiriusOctopus365 helped them handle cross-country transformations such as date, time, and currency to ensure data relevancy at all times.

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